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Anna, 21, Finland

Graphic design student
wannabe illustrator
tv/movie freak
pop culture enthusiast
childhood nostalgic
& art appreciator
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  • Watched The Amazing Spiderman 2. Loved it. Had to make a tribute portrait of Gwen Stacy.
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  • Been doing a bunch of mini-portraits lately, here’s my latest one!
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  • La Femme en Rouge
Having insane amounts of fun with Manga Studio. Inking and doing lineart is so great, it has the precision of photoshop but the smoothness of illustrator. Heck to them yes’es!
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  • Riot Girl
A new character that I’ll hopefully work a lot more on and develop, still haven’t decided a name, so it’s riot girl for now. Suggestions anyone?
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  • Hazel & Augustus
Went to (finally) see tfios. I laughed and I cried until my eyes were bright red. At the end of the movie I just had this weird breakdown where I didn’t even know if I was laughing or crying anymore. So, yeah, it was great.
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  • Anonymous asked : in finland they sell moomin lollipops (one costs ~0,15e) and if you buy something expensive almost every time someone says ''but imagine how many moomin lollipops you could have bought with that money''


    my heart is melting!!!! that’s too cute

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  • Drawing Challenge - Day 2
"Cute Animal"
I drew a kitty cat, because anyone who knows anything about me; knows that I fucking love cats, in all shapes and forms and colors. And I’m so incredibly shite at drawing animals, like, it’s almost embarassing. But I’m glad to get the practice, because boy do I need it.
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